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Spun: A Brother/Sister Rock Musical

Following their father’s death, Molly and her estranged brother Jesse try to find a way to reconnect within the ruins of their childhood. Memories have a funny way of changing over time though, and with two very different recollections, blame, doubt, and rock-n-roll become weapons.

This high-octane musical explores the complexities of family and story-telling, weaving together the recollections and unique perspectives of siblings with comedy, wit, and rock.

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The Uncivil War

One hundred and fifty years after the final gunshot, The Civil War’s six lone survivors grab their banjos, washboards, and what’s left of their sanity to retell the story of the infamous conflict … as it really happened.

Complete with singing, dancing, outrageous humor and biting historical satire, The unCivil War is a wild, bluegrass-fueled ride that re-examines one of the country’s darkest moments, and sheds a hilarious new light on the leaders we’ve long considered heroes.

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