• Louis Hobson Co-Founder

    Louis can usually be found on stage, on a screen, on a phone, in a meeting, writing an email, reading a script, in a rehearsal, creating, creating, and disrupting the status quo. His passion for theatre imbues everything he does. He can't help himself. He's building monuments. IMDB

  • Jake Groshong Co-Founder

    Jake can usually be found on plane, on a call, in a negotiation, reviewing a contract, innovating, redlining, redefining, and thinking outside the box. In his spare time he enjoys long walks on the beach, solving international conflicts, and giving a voice to disadvantaged youth through the power of the arts. It's what he does.

  • Kevin Cheung Technical Advisor

    Kevin brings a breadth and depth of knowledge in the field of technology into his passion for theatre and entertainment. He also gets to share the passion with his theatre-focused daughter, who introduced him to the Indie team.

  • Noreen Hobson Media & Communications

    A Jane of All Trades, Noreen writes for a variety of entertainment clients and consumes more media than she should. She brings expertise in film, TV, theatre, public relations, corporate and non-profit communications, management, and baking skills to Indie Theatrical.

  • Erich W. Merril Legal - Corporate

    Miller Nash Graham & Dunn, Portland

  • Andrew Farber Legal - Entertainment

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